Import Documents

Which import documents are necessary?

Generally, a trade invoice and a packing list are sufficient for an airfreight consignment. However, rapid customs clearance can often only be guaranteed when the necessary customs documents are enclosed with the goods. This does not only speed up the clearance, but it is also a question of money you can save when you produce the correct documents.

In any event, you should check carefully which documents are necessary for customs in the case of imports in order to be allowed to import the goods or to be able to claim better customs rates.

Your Röhlig customs specialist provides you with the respective information on the valid conditions based on the country list and customs tariff documents.

Import of clothing

The import of clothes is mostly regulated by strict conditions and in many cases an import permit is required. Which documents are necessary to get this permit depends on the country of origin or trade. The import permit can usually be applied for before the goods arrive if you ask your supplier for the correct documents in due time.